Why Go To The Dentist Downtown?

When deciding on a location for our practice Dr. Piper and I knew that we wanted to start from scratch.  One of the more common ways to start a practice is for a dentist to purchase an existing practice, remodel it if necessary, and evolve it into his or her vision of what a dental practice should be.  This usually happens in the suburbs or more rural areas where people live.

We chose downtown Columbus Ohio for two reasons.  The first is because we wanted to develop a practice where we could make all of the major decisions from the beginning and control our own destinies as dentists.  We wanted a completely brand new, modern facility that patients would want to come. The second reason was the need for a high-tech, progressive dental practice in the downtown business district.  During normal business hours, there is anywhere form 70-90 thousand people working downtown.  The majority of people go to the dentist during normal business hours, if they go at all.

Studies have shown that it takes the average suburban commuter 45 minutes to drive from his or her home to downtown, park and make it to their office.  To then have a dental appointment back out in the suburbs, would require undoing that 45 minutes, added to the time it takes for a dental appointment.  So instead of having a dental appointment scheduled over a lunch break, people have to take a half day or full day off of work, or don’t go at all. Our practice model called for a centralized location in downtown Columbus where convenience is the top concern.

The undoing of the commute is not a concern with Capstone Dental.  We are a 10 minute walk from your office.  Now your dental appointment can be incorporated into your work day like any other scheduled meeting.  We stay on schedule to ensure no waiting prior to your appointment and we are thorough yet efficient when you are being seen.  We offer early morning and lunch-time appointments.  We provide the latest in dental technology and patient comfort and we focus on patient education and prevention.

Having a six month recall program is paramount in preventative dentistry.  During normal check-ups, the dentist and hygienist can find potential dental problems when they are small, less expensive, and more easily treated.  You are returned to work more quickly and with a greater understanding of the small steps it takes to ensure future dental problems are kept to a minimum.  Capstone Dental is excited to be part of the downtown Columbus Ohio community.  We look forward to developing a lasting relationship with our patients and be a part of downtown’s success and future.