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Does Your Dentist Care About You?

What do most people look for when choosing a dentist?  Is it crown margins or the strength of their tooth colored fillings?  Is it the way the office files your insurance and bills you?  Is it the office décor?  To a certain extent all of these things matter, but the most important thing a person should ask themselves when choosing a dentist is—Does the dentist care about me?

At Capstone Dental we strive every day to create a long lasting, meaningful relationship with each and every patient.  We want to be an important part of your great oral health for a lifetime and with all the new research that is linking your oral health to your overall health, creating a lasting relationship is even more important than ever.

So check out Capstone Dental in downtown Columbus, Ohio.  Sure we care about our margins, the strength of our restorations, insurance coordination and office décor.  But we care more about you.  From the moment you step in until the moment you check out, you are our top priority and what we really care about.  Thanks to all the Friends of Capstone.  We’ll see you in six months!

Come To Capstone Dental To Have Your Teeth Checked And So Much More

When you go to the dentist, there is more going on than you realize.  At Capstone Dental, we do so much more than just look for cavities.  We complete an oral cancer screening, gum health exam, and examination of your bite and your smile.  When we do these exams, we also have your overall health in mind as well.  Links have been drawn to diabetes, heart health, hormonal abnormalities, etc.  Check out this article from MSN on why it is so important to go to the dentist regularly.