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How Long Will You Need Your Teeth?

As we age, we start to notice a difference in our skin, our hair, our joints, etc. but many of us don’t pay too much attention to our teeth. We use our teeth for so much…from the obvious such as chewing and talking to the not so obvious like kissing and non verbal communication. So the question is, “How long will you need your teeth?” And I am willing to bet that the simple answer is “For the rest of my life.” Well, how long do you plan on being alive? The average life expectancy for men in the U.S. is 75.6 years. For women, it’s 80.8. Almost all people get their adult teeth from the ages of about 6-13 years. That is a long time that you need your teeth to last. As we live longer it becomes more important to take great care of your smile and keep it in working order. As we age, digestion becomes less efficient and having multiple missing teeth and/or a denture decreases that efficiency even more.

If you have a problem tooth, please get it fixed. It might cost more than you had expected, but this is your health and well-being at stake. If you think losing one tooth won’t matter, you could be right. But what we normally see is that your teeth are a team working together. If one player leaves, the rest have to pick up the slack and they in turn tire more quickly and break down. It could turn into a situation like dominoes and you could be fighting an uphill battle with breakdown and problem teeth. With proper care and maintenance you can enjoy your later years eating, talking and kissing the grandkids with less time in the dental chair or soaking your dentures on the nightstand 🙂

Does Your Dentist Care About You?

What do most people look for when choosing a dentist?  Is it crown margins or the strength of their tooth colored fillings?  Is it the way the office files your insurance and bills you?  Is it the office décor?  To a certain extent all of these things matter, but the most important thing a person should ask themselves when choosing a dentist is—Does the dentist care about me?

At Capstone Dental we strive every day to create a long lasting, meaningful relationship with each and every patient.  We want to be an important part of your great oral health for a lifetime and with all the new research that is linking your oral health to your overall health, creating a lasting relationship is even more important than ever.

So check out Capstone Dental in downtown Columbus, Ohio.  Sure we care about our margins, the strength of our restorations, insurance coordination and office décor.  But we care more about you.  From the moment you step in until the moment you check out, you are our top priority and what we really care about.  Thanks to all the Friends of Capstone.  We’ll see you in six months!

Come To Capstone Dental To Have Your Teeth Checked And So Much More

When you go to the dentist, there is more going on than you realize.  At Capstone Dental, we do so much more than just look for cavities.  We complete an oral cancer screening, gum health exam, and examination of your bite and your smile.  When we do these exams, we also have your overall health in mind as well.  Links have been drawn to diabetes, heart health, hormonal abnormalities, etc.  Check out this article from MSN on why it is so important to go to the dentist regularly.

Is Your Mouth a Museum?

Do you have fillings, crowns, bridges or dentures that are more than 15, 20, or even 30 years old?  Dentistry has come a long way in the past 30 years and we are using more biocompatible, life-like restorations.  We have more convenient, comfortable procedures and the results look like you haven’t had anything done.  Instead of old, failing silver fillings that were placed years ago, we can now bond porcelain inlays, onlays and crowns giving you a much more natural look.  You use your mouth to smile, talk, eat, kiss and Capstone Dental wants to give you the smile you deserve.  One that will look amazing and function great for the rest of your life.

To accomplish these regenerative procedures Capstone Dental has brought CEREC’s one day crown system to our downtown office.  No more temporaries, no gooey impressions, no waiting two weeks to get your permanent crown back from the laboratory.  Now in only ONE appointment we can remove old filling materials or any new decay, image the teeth with a camera, design, fabricate and deliver your new restorations.  The procedure is very precise and we are able to keep quality control throughout the entire process because everything is done in one visit at our office.

So if your mouth is a museum with restorations from who knows when, come to Capstone Dental and see the many advancements that have taken place since those old silver fillings were done.

A Message About Fluoride From Brea

Did you know… .

The most common disease affecting people today is tooth decay.  On a daily basis, our teeth are exposed to bacteria, sugar and acids which eventually weaken our teeth and can lead to cavities.  Research has shown that over time good oral hygiene and fluoride are essential in maintaining healthy teeth.  Getting a professional fluoride treatment at every 6mo check-up can reduce cavities by up to 74%. Fluoride is also affective against sensitivity, bacteria and can remineralize softened enamel (shallow cavities) that is beginning to form. Capstone Dental offers fluoride at every dental check-up, so call and make your appointment today and spring into summer with a healthy smile!

Teeth Whitening 101

Have you been wanting to brighten those not-so-pearly whites but don’t know which whitening method to choose?  Discussed below are different methods of teeth whitening and drawbacks and benefits of each type. The three main types of whitening are:

1.       In-office whitening such as ZOOM or Pola Office

2.       Custom fitted bleaching trays with prescription strength gel

3.       White Strips or other over the counter systems

1. With in-office whitening, the idea is to jumpstart your natural shade to a brighter white in a short period of time.  Usually 1-2 hrs in the dental chair.  The gums and soft tissue are protected with a barrier and the dental hygienist or assistant will apply the gel 3-4 times during your visit.  This in-office whitening process can be accompanied by a bright light that is placed close to your mouth. Some systems, such as ZOOM claim the light further activates its gel, but most systems do not use a light. Usually coupled with this treatment are custom take home trays and gel to finish the whitening process over the next couple of weeks to get you to your brightest shade.  Patients pay a premium to get this accelerated whitening.  Office prices for in-office and custom take home whitening can range from $400-$800 or more.  Remember that you are paying to get a brighter smile as fast as possible, under the supervision of the dentist’s office.

2. Custom fitted white trays can be coupled with the in-office whitening procedure, or be a method all in their own.  Impressions of your upper and lower teeth are taken and then soft custom trays are made from the molds.  The take home prescription strength gel is applied to the inside of the trays and they are worn for 40mins-1hr daily for about two weeks.  During that time, you may experience some sensitivity.  Anti-sensitivity toothpastes are recommended and if sensitivity becomes too severe discontinue usage until your symptoms subside.  After 2-4 weeks you are going to be as bright as your teeth can be.  Depending upon diet, smoking, etc. everyone is different with how long your new brighter smile will last.  Some people’s newly whitened smiles can last 6-12 months without a touch-up. Keep your trays and if you ever need a whitening touch-up, new gel can be purchased at your dentist’s office.  Custom trays made at your dental office and your initial supply of gel can range in cost from $250-$500.  Additional gel for touch-ups is around $50.

3. The last method of whitening is white strips and other systems you can find at your local pharmacy.  Crest is the most well-known brand, and they have several levels of whitening from professional strength available only in a dental office to lower strengths available over the counter.  This is the most cost friendly form of teeth whitening available to patients.  Ranging in price from $25-$60 it’s easy to see why these systems are enticing.  The problems with these over the counter systems include sensitivity, like other systems, and chemical burns to the gums.  Because these strips are not custom fitted, the gel can seep onto the gums and traumatize the gums.  The gums will turn a white shade where affected and can slough with pain after use.  I don’t discourage patients from using white strips because for most, they are very cost effective.  They can get you to your whitest natural shade over time, so they do work, but it can take more than one treatment (purchase) to get you there.

So whatever method you may choose, just realize what you are getting.  In-office is brighter in 2hrs.  Custom trays are brighter in 2 weeks, and over the counter strips are brighter in about 1-2 months.  Also, you go from complete supervision in a dentist’s care, to do-it-yourself with no supervision from a dentist.  Money and time frame are the deciding factors for most patients, but now that you are informed get those yellowed chompers back to bright.

HPV Linked To Oral Cancer

Last night on CBS News there was a feature about Human Papilloma Virus and its links with tongue and other oral cancers.  Normally thought to be only problematic for women, new studies show that men are not only carriers of the virus, they are exposed to a much higher risk of Oral Cancer.  As part of every new patient exam and six month check-up, Capstone Dental completes a thorough intra-oral cancer screening.  Make sure you are getting checked as often as possible, because if not found early, oral cancer can be painful, disfiguring and even fatal.

Check out the video link below:

HPV Linked to Oral Cancer

Is Your New Year’s Resolution Still Going Strong?

How is your New Year’s resolution coming along?  If you are like most people you are feeling the dragging, cold winter keeping you down.  Guess what?  Spring is right around the corner and the weather will change.  When it does, get out of the office and get that heart rate up.  Walk around downtown Columbus and see what’s going on.  The State House is celebrating its 150th anniversary and Columbus’ 199th anniversary this year, the Columbus Commons project is open at the former City Center Mall site, and there are new small businesses and restaurants opening around the square.  Capstone Dental might not be your idea of a must see destination downtown, but if you haven’t been to the dentist for a while, you’ll be surprised at all of the technologies and educational tools we provide.  So walk around, see what the city has to offer.  You can keep up on your resolution and maybe add another for great oral health in 2011.