Emergency Dental Services in Columbus

When it comes to your health, knowing you can trust an emergency dentist in Columbus, Ohio, is critical. We make every effort to treat you the same day, even with no notice. If you’re facing surgery, extractions or a root canal, don’t hesitate to call our office for immediate assistance.


Same-Day Emergency Care

We understand that some dental conditions need treatment quicker than others. And the importance of seeing your own, private dentist when dealing with a dental emergency. That’s why we’re here.

Surgery and Extractions

While dental surgery can consist of many different, specific treatments, we have the tools and capabilities to handle just about anything. From the very basic to the more intense, we’re ready to help.

Root Canal Treatment

Root Canals are reserved exclusively for teeth that are sick, abscessed, severally broken, misshapen, or hurting for various reasons. After the procedure, a crown is typically placed on the restored tooth.

Broken Teeth and/or Fillings

Teeth and fillings can break from trauma, older fillings or tooth decay that you might not even be aware of. Whether it’s a front tooth or molar, we can restore your smile in short order.

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