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Botox and Dermalfillers @ Capstone Dental

Did you know that Dr. Piper offers Botox and dermalfillers? Most people who are considering Botox would never think to have it done by a dentist, but consider these points:

1. Dentists are very knowledgeable about the dynamics of facial expression and how the underlying muscles, when functioning, can cause wrinkles over time.

2. Dentists are trained to know what looks good as far as facial symmetry.   We take courses all the time that deal with esthetics of a smile.  We can create masterpieces when it comes to teeth and now we can improve the frame that showcases those masterpieces with Botox and dermalfillers.

3. Dentists are confident with precise, comfortable placement.  No other healthcare provider uses syringes in the facial area as often as a dentist and we deal in measurements as precise as 1/2 of a mm.

Come see Dr. Piper soon and look younger in 2011.